Saint Peter Cried

Saint Peter Cried

We lay “claim” to things daily, usually without a thought. Whenever we start a statement with “My”, we claim ownership. Having ruminated on this over the years, I think I am finally getting it. Although I may have a headache or a flair up of arthritis, do I really want to “own” them? No. I want them to go away. Nevertheless, when I refer to them as “My” I assert ownership. Today instead of commenting on or talking about the negative things in “My” life I take whatever secular action is indicated, aspirin, heating pad, ice pack etc. followed by a short prayer thanking God for knowing Him better. Today I claim all the gifts and blessings God has not only for me but for you as well, that all I desire in “My” life comes to you as well. Years ago, I came upon this piece on blessings which touched me deeply:

A man found himself standing at the gates to heaven. He was upset and relieved at the same time. Upset that he passed but relieved he was standing at the Gates of Heaven. Saint Peter greeted him and motioned for him to come forward. As he walked through the gates, he was struck speechless by the beauty and peace that greeted him. Saint Peter ushered him around showing him the wonders of Heaven. In turn, they came upon a rather plain looking building, its plainness a stark contrast compared to the beauty of all the others. Turning to Saint Peter he asked, “What is that building?” Saint Peter replied, “All of Heaven is open to you but I beseech you to leave this structure be.” The man nodded, for who would question a Saint? But try as he might he could not get that one building out of his mind and after a time asked, “You said all of Heaven is open to me, so if I wished to visit any building I could?” With a look of resignation, Saint Peter nodded for he knew of which building the man was thinking. As they walked, Saint Peter waited for the request which always followed. Soon the man turned to him and said, “I would like to go back to the plain building.” With sadness and a pass of his hand Saint Peter deposited them on the doorstep. “I urge you again not to go in” but he would not be swayed. As the doors opened the man was greeted with row upon row of seeming endless shelves on which rested exquisite boxes each inscribed with a name. He turned, excited, to Saint Peter and asked if there was a box with his name on it. Saint Peter replied yes but again urged him to leave the building. Undeterred the man ran down the aisles until he found the box with his name on it. As he took it down from the shelf, he turned to see tears in Saint Peter’s eyes, but he could not stop himself, so he removed the lid. As he looked in the box his heart fell for the box contained all the blessings God had gifted him that had been left unclaimed. He then knew and they wept together.

In prayer claim all of God’s blessings today and if you don’t know what they are, ask and He will make them plain for you and countless others.

Miracles Of Recovery

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