Spiritual Treatment

Spiritual Treatment

Spiritual Treatment is prayer directed at a pressing problem or concern. Unlike general prayers which are our daily visit with God, a treatment is a surgical operation on the soul. A difficulty has arisen in our life; the reasons for its arrival a distraction, like focusing on who sold the nail we stepped on when the indicated action is medical attention. Treatment prayers focus on resolution, not causality while general prayers typically are “checking” in with God, daily affirmations of our love, trust and faith in the Miraculous. The essential difference is fear. Spiritual Treatment is indicated when you or someone you care about has become ill, possibly in financial difficulties or some relationship either personal or professional has begun too or has turned sour or any other life condition causing fear.

We employ Spiritual Treatment by:

1) First, find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Begin with a general prayer (something significant, positive and compelling to you).

2) Now, take a few cleansing breaths (gently through the nose, filling the lungs and then slowly exhaling through the mouth) then picture the subject of the treatment in your mind’s eye. Now visualize the problem passing from your hands to God’s. If the difficulty is hard to visualize, then visualize the individual (including yourself) free of the difficulty, surrounded by God’s creative love and healing.

3) Close the treatment with a prayer affirming God’s love, guidance, limitless power and knowledge and then thank Him for the healing you believe will come and then:

4) Leave it be. Do not try to visualize how God will work or specifics of the outcome (even if it is a physical healing). This is outlining and always leads to trouble and discontent. Do not repeat the treatment out of fear. If something happens or changes regarding the difficulty and it feels appropriate, treat again, but do not begin from fear. If fearful, first address the fear with prayer. This can be as simple as repeating the prayer: Be Still And Know That I Am God until peace of mind has returned. Once the fear induced anxiety has subsided, you can then treat the issue again. Remember:

Fear is not the difficulty being treated. Fear is what makes the difficulty seem overwhelming. Fear is the self-centered belief that God will not act, that somehow, someway we have traveled beyond the pale, so far from God that our prayers are not heard or worse rejected or ignored. Nonsense. No one, no matter what has transpired in their life is separated from God. We build the walls; create the false sense of separation, not God.

When we allow fear dominion, we operate on our soul with a rusty scalpel and a shaking hand. God can and will solve all difficulties, if, though perhaps trembling, we stand firm in faith and consistent action.

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