Praying For Ourselves

Praying For Ourselves

It has been said by some that it is selfish and a waste of time to pray for one’s self, but how could it be? “Praying for ourselves is the reverse of selfishness-it is truly glorifying God” Emmet Fox.

There is tremendous danger in attempting to sort our prayers. When we attempt to gauge with our limited vision what is or isn’t appropriate to pray about, we embark on a fool’s errand. God does not need or want us to play prayer gatekeeper. Our job is to come to Him in prayer with anything on our mind or is troubling us. Additionally, we do not waste time trying to construct the wording of our prayers to avoid perceived selfishness. Simply we speak from the heart, for when the heart speaks the heart listens. God knows our heart and the issues flowing from it, for He is closer than hands and feet, closer than breath. And that is most close indeed. A simple heart filled prayer delivered trembling can move mountains. “You must pray for yourself constantly. How could it be otherwise?” Emmet Fox.

Miracles Of Recovery

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