A Carpenter and Forrest Gump

A Carpenter and Forrest Gump

Fate, as a conscious power, is a convenient catch all for those unwilling to do the work required to live the examined life. When we understand the Laws of Attraction and Reaping and Sowing, fate is placed in its proper perspective.

To be clear: Many things attributed to fate are merely aspects of living and life. Someone always wins the lottery, eventually. Road accidents happen. Thousands of cars crash every day all around the world, not fate, just a result of a lot of cars on the road and accidents are typically precipitated by poor decisions by drivers. Everyone misses opportunities, drops the toast, zigged when they should have zagged, takes a turn in the barrel. A construction worker, a carpenter, commented on this a couple of thousand years ago when he said: the rain falls on the just and unjust equally. When facing life’s inevitable questions, challenges and seeming random occurrences, what defines us is the direction our thinking takes when addressing them, do we turn within or without?

Our “fate” is what we make of it. In the immortal words of Forrest Gump: shit happens. So, when it happens try not to make a big deal about it, pick yourself up and take whatever indicated action is required, call your insurance carrier, clean up the butter and jam on the floor, whatever and move on. The universe is on our side and when we remember we are Children of the Miraculous, Spiritual Beings experiencing the human condition, truly eternal in every way, fender benders, ruined toast or any of the other random occurrences living in the world bring to our door lose their ability to affect our serenity.

Miracles Of Recovery

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