A Wonderful Contemplation. Really.

A Wonderful Contemplation. Really. Nobel Prize for Physics winner Max Planck in a 1944 speech on the nature of matter stated: “All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assumeContinue reading “A Wonderful Contemplation. Really.”

A Carpenter and Forrest Gump

A Carpenter and Forrest Gump Fate, as a conscious power, is a convenient catch all for those unwilling to do the work required to live the examined life. When we understand the Laws of Attraction and Reaping and Sowing, fate is placed in its proper perspective. To be clear: Many things attributed to fate areContinue reading “A Carpenter and Forrest Gump”

Spiritual Treatment

Spiritual Treatment Spiritual Treatment is prayer directed at a pressing problem or concern. Unlike general prayers which are our daily visit with God, a treatment is a surgical operation on the soul. A difficulty has arisen in our life; the reasons for its arrival a distraction, like focusing on who sold the nail we steppedContinue reading “Spiritual Treatment”

Praying For Ourselves

Praying For Ourselves It has been said by some that it is selfish and a waste of time to pray for one’s self, but how could it be? “Praying for ourselves is the reverse of selfishness-it is truly glorifying God” Emmet Fox. There is tremendous danger in attempting to sort our prayers. When we attemptContinue reading “Praying For Ourselves”

Bumper Stickers and Eggs

Bumper Stickers and Eggs The hen lays her eggs and keeps them warm and safe until they hatch. What would happen if half way through the process she decided to crack open the eggs to see how things were progressing? Chickens are not the sharpest tool in the shed, yet they intuitively understand their roleContinue reading “Bumper Stickers and Eggs”

“We answer to a higher authority”

“We answer to a higher authority” We have been on the path of spiritual living for a time and now find ourselves faced with a serious problem or difficulty seemingly out of left field. What should we do, we have been following directions faithfully, should we redouble our efforts, work harder?  Isn’t that usually oneContinue reading ““We answer to a higher authority””

What Could Be More Important?

What Could Be More Important? Do you have to “find” time to pray and meditate? Really? What can possibly be more important than your time with the Miraculous? Now, if you are praying and meditating regularly, are you doing it out of a sense of duty? Kinda like the dishes or the laundry? Secretly feelingContinue reading “What Could Be More Important?”

Working With The Law

Working With The Law What we dwell on defines the course of our thinking and our lives. When we dwell on thoughts of “my bad luck” or “I’ll never find a good job” or “I hate…”, put simply, when we focus on the negative, we invite in exactly what we are trying to avoid! This isContinue reading “Working With The Law”

Smoking Bacon Avocado Cheeseburgers

Smoking Bacon Avocado Cheeseburgers We have decided to make a change in our life, like quitting smoking. We throw away our cigarettes (or smoke them up) and announce to the world we are now a non-smoker. What changed? If I just polished off a bacon avocado cheeseburger (with fries of course) and then announce IContinue reading “Smoking Bacon Avocado Cheeseburgers”

What’s In Your Mind?

What’s In Your Mind? We are constantly building up or tearing down our mental structure by the things we ingest: books, magazines, newspapers, social media and conversations of all stripes. Then there is the unconscious ingestion of messaging via television broadcasts of sports, news, talk shows, sitcoms, dramas, movies, history and learning, “reality” shows (IContinue reading “What’s In Your Mind?”

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