Revenge and Two Graves

Revenge and Two Graves When we take offense at every trifling thing in life, becoming angry and outraged at clerks, customer service reps, waiters and waitresses, thoughtless drivers, oblivious people on their cell phone or any of the other myriad daily annoyances we will encounter, we place ourselves in danger. Additionally, when we become angryContinue reading “Revenge and Two Graves”

Redemption from Condemnation

Redemption from Condemnation You can have either your Spiritual demonstration or your indignation, but you cannot have both. We cannot condemn anyone and salute the spark of Divine simultaneously. We will never progress far on the path of Living on the Spiritual Basis if we harbor resentment and condemnation for any reason, real or imagined,Continue reading “Redemption from Condemnation”

Metaphysics and Metallurgy

Metaphysics and Metallurgy “God doesn’t choose the prepared, He prepares the Chosen” and in truth, all are Chosen, if they chose to be, but it requires work. Consider: tempering a piece of steel with heat improves not only the hardness but the elasticity of the metal and it has been said that God tempers HisContinue reading “Metaphysics and Metallurgy”

Flaws and Perfection

Flaws and Perfection What is perfection? A child’s laugh, a bright spring day, the family gathered together for the holidays, a content cat, chocolate, all these things and infinitely more may be perfect but only in the most subjective of ways: i.e. in the “eye of the beholder.” Descartes held “existence itself is perfection,” whichContinue reading “Flaws and Perfection”

The Timetable

The Timetable When we first begin our spiritual journey in earnest, embracing definite and consistent spiritual practices is an important fundamental. By choosing set times and forms this provides the foundation and the necessary discipline on which we build. In good time, as we become more adept, seasoned if you will, many of the simpleContinue reading “The Timetable”

Spiritual Bureaucrats

Spiritual Bureaucrats Unfortunate stories appear regularly where someone has suffered untold grief from a simple clerical error. If you have ever dealt with a bureaucrat; someone who quotes the “code” but seems bereft of common sense; you know how hard it can be to rectify what appears to be a simple mistake, commonsense and civilityContinue reading “Spiritual Bureaucrats”

The Expert Trap

The Expert Trap The pitfall of self-righteousness has trapped and pulled down uncounted individuals. When someone reaches the “top” in secular life (politically, sports, financially, entertainment, etc.) they are naturally praised for their accomplishments. The just elected politician suddenly becoming an “expert” on all manner of issue, national and international, the sports star or celebrityContinue reading “The Expert Trap”

Proud, Angry and Preachy

Proud, Angry and Preachy “Never try to force anyone to accept spiritual truth.” No one, absolutely no one will permanently accept anything forced upon them. Long experience demonstrates they will go along for a time but as soon as the opportunity presents itself to escape, they will. Spiritual Pride clothed in self-righteousness has driven many toContinue reading “Proud, Angry and Preachy”

The True Path: Attraction, not Promotion

The True Path: Attraction, not Promotion Part of the progression in our spiritual growth is the rise in our natural or soul “luminescence” as we demonstrate over the issues of life. As we begin to Live on the Spiritual Basis, day by day, people will naturally become attracted. As our inner light shines ever brighterContinue reading “The True Path: Attraction, not Promotion”

Living On The Spiritual Basis and The Salt of the Earth

Living On The Spiritual Basis and The Salt of the Earth Salt of the Earth, you don’t hear that expression used very often anymore. When I was a child and someone was referred to as being “the salt of the earth” (Matthew 5:13) it was always said with a tone of admiration and respect. MatthewContinue reading “Living On The Spiritual Basis and The Salt of the Earth”

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