The Expert Trap

The Expert Trap

The pitfall of self-righteousness has trapped and pulled down uncounted individuals. When someone reaches the “top” in secular life (politically, sports, financially, entertainment, etc.) they are naturally praised for their accomplishments. The just elected politician suddenly becoming an “expert” on all manner of issue, national and international, the sports star or celebrity using their fame to interject their opinions on how others should live, vote, diet, etc. are seen in full display daily. Now, worldly accomplishments should be noted of course and paid their due, however winning an election, a sports championship, an Oscar or accumulating (inheriting) great wealth means little if the individual fails to enlarge their spiritual life daily, and perhaps worst of all feel entitled to be heard because of these accomplishments. I think we can all drag out examples of individuals who have reached the “top” who have demonstrated they don’t walk the way they talk secularly, never mind spiritually.

But the greatest and most heartbreaking demonstrations are those who have garnered a sense of moral superiority from the genuine spiritual work they have done and begin to “look down” on others from a self-constructed pedestal of moral superiority, losing sight of their true role as messenger, not the message, their daily demonstration of spiritual principles the true message. Entitlement thinking may be the dubious luxury of the elected and the rich and famous, but spiritual entitlement thinking is deadly for all.

Living on the Spiritual Basis we demonstrate the spiritual precepts we have come to know and depend on in our life, but we cannot truly transmit that which we do not live ourselves. If we are attempting to teach a lesson we do not practice we fall victim to the dictum: “do as I say, not as I do” which is the golden gate of self-righteousness. We must stay vigilant and when spiritual entitlement thinking starts creeping into our consciousness; for it will since it is a cunning and patient adversary; we turn back to the Source of our awakening and thank the Miraculous for keeping us “right” sized, open minded, teachable and above all aware of this deadly trap before our Serenity is consumed by Spiritual Pride.

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