Spiritual Bureaucrats

Spiritual Bureaucrats

Unfortunate stories appear regularly where someone has suffered untold grief from a simple clerical error. If you have ever dealt with a bureaucrat; someone who quotes the “code” but seems bereft of common sense; you know how hard it can be to rectify what appears to be a simple mistake, commonsense and civility trumped by the “letter” of the law.

Living on the Spiritual Basis we have learned that Spirit (our relationship with the Miraculous) is key, the law (formal forms of worship) merely tools utilized to help us build this all-important relationship. As we grow Spiritually the “law” and its application will change as our perceptions mature, our understanding broadening, for the realm of Spirit is roomy, all inclusive, never exclusive for any reason. Unfortunately, many individuals, out of fear, fail to enlarge their spiritual lives becoming “spiritual bureaucrats”, locking themselves into narrow and exclusive interpretations; all at the expense of the Spirit; assuming the negative self-actualizing moral high ground of self-righteousness, becoming tyrants wallowing in spiritual pride.

To avoid the bureaucrat’s trap we must keep our focus on Spirit, our demonstration of Divine Love and guidance, while utilizing formal forms and rituals as needed simply as aids to this end, never as a substitute. A simple prayer delivered from the heart has the power to move Heaven itself, whereas rituals performed by rote, sans any true spiritual engagement, are merely exercises in religious bureaucracy. To be vital our faith must be lively, fluid, unbounded by secular thinking and limits. Additionally, we must pray for the stultified spiritual bureaucrats of the world, for even though they trouble us, being children of the same Spirit, they are in dire need of our compassion, not condemnation.

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