The Timetable

The Timetable

When we first begin our spiritual journey in earnest, embracing definite and consistent spiritual practices is an important fundamental. By choosing set times and forms this provides the foundation and the necessary discipline on which we build. In good time, as we become more adept, seasoned if you will, many of the simple guidelines and structure we began with will naturally fall away. Most importantly this happens with no thought or conscious effort on our part, when it is time for change it will happen organically. Think of it this way: when we plant a garden would we expect the plants to grow and mature to our timetable? Of course not, nor would we foolishly attempt to harvest our crop before it was ready. The application of water, sunlight, nutrients; coupled with our diligence in the quick removal of impediments to growth, all affect the health and stability of our garden and the size of its bounty.

Our spiritual growth is just like all other natural growth in that it is affected by numerous factors. So, we tend our spiritual garden diligently while refusing to concern ourselves with timing, focusing instead on the work before us this day. In time the fruits will present themselves at exactly the perfect moment of awakening.

What sets our Spiritual garden apart is it is eternal and will continue to give forth nourishment unabated as long as we keep our eyes on the Miraculous, the true source, avoiding the fear based temptation to pull our crop up prematurely to check the roots for signs of progress. Remaining diligent, but patient, soon we will find that our understanding and demonstration has reached new heights, our Spiritual garden blossoming as we cultivate still greater awakenings and paths of service, becoming closer, day by day in thought and deed to truly practicing Divine Love toward all, the true demonstration of our coming of age spiritually.

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