Flaws and Perfection

Flaws and Perfection

What is perfection? A child’s laugh, a bright spring day, the family gathered together for the holidays, a content cat, chocolate, all these things and infinitely more may be perfect but only in the most subjective of ways: i.e. in the “eye of the beholder.” Descartes held “existence itself is perfection,” which extrapolated could lead one down the path of “everything” being perfect. So clearly the concept of perfection can be often perfectly ambiguous.

So, what then is “Spiritual” perfection? And what flawed human could ever hope to attain it? No one among us has lived or is living life perfectly, mistakes commonplace, stumbling often. Spiritual perfection then is not living perfectly but holding to the perfection of Spirit. Living on the Spiritual Basis teaches us that all are connected in Spirit, the perfect eternal spark of the Divine existing in each of us regardless of station, belief, or circumstance, all equal in the eyes of the Miraculous, this Divine Love for us perfect; beyond the vagaries of time and flesh. So, by a wholehearted commitment, day by day, to grow in Spiritual understanding and service to our brothers and sisters we approach “perfection” for though this flesh will never be perfect our devotion, day by day, to Spiritual principles and our willingness to step out in faith, though often trembling, can be.

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