Metaphysics and Metallurgy

Metaphysics and Metallurgy

“God doesn’t choose the prepared, He prepares the Chosen” and in truth, all are Chosen, if they chose to be, but it requires work. Consider: tempering a piece of steel with heat improves not only the hardness but the elasticity of the metal and it has been said that God tempers His strongest instruments in the hottest fires. So, how does this spiritual tempering process work in our lives? Trouble comes, sometimes called by our actions, often however appearing at our door uninvited. Regardless, how we react is paramount. We all have known individuals who are or have been broken in spirit, perhaps you have seen their reflection in your mirror. To become one of the Chosen we must choose to walk the path of forgiveness over resentment and condemnation, condemning the transgression, not the transgressor, embracing Divine Love over the true adversary: Fear in all its many guises; placing ourselves in the forge of redemption.

In the hands of the master metallurgist all iron-based alloys can be tempered. It may require great effort, skill and much energy, but it can be done. Metaphysics is the metallurgy of the soul. No matter how weak or emotionally brittle we may feel, The Master Soul Metallurgist can transform anyone, regardless of past mistakes and transgressions. There is a requirement however that steel does not have to meet: willingness, for willingness is the key to freedom, and to be Chosen, first we must be willing to go to any lengths for our Spiritual awakening. 
Unlike steel where the process has an ending, Spiritual tempering continues throughout our lives. Often our heart will feel heavy, weighed down by the seeming inequities of the world, other times we will feel as though we have wings, as light as a feather, but this matters not. The Spiritual elasticity and strength we have gained allows us to bend, but not break, meeting calamity with serenity, weathering the storms about us with an even mind and quiet heart. A beacon to all who long to be free of the fear driven life.

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