Redemption from Condemnation

Redemption from Condemnation

You can have either your Spiritual demonstration or your indignation, but you cannot have both. We cannot condemn anyone and salute the spark of Divine simultaneously. We will never progress far on the path of Living on the Spiritual Basis if we harbor resentment and condemnation for any reason, real or imagined, toward anyone or anything. By whatever measure we limit or subjectively dismiss anything or anyone as being beyond healing or redemption, we distance ourselves from the freedom we crave.   To be able to see our brothers and sisters clearly, we must first address our own shortcomings and clean up our side of the street, only then can we truly be of service. Once we have done this, we see everything in a new light, the true light, the light of spiritual awakening.

  We all naturally have opinions and viewpoints on all manner things, additionally some people we will welcome into our lives, others not so much, and some for valid reasons will be kept at a distance. The key is the steadfast refusal to engage in self-righteousness and of becoming a spiritual imperialist, looking down on anyone from some self-constructed moral hilltop. Remaining ever vigilant, when self-righteousness creeps into our consciousness; and it will wearing a variety of masks, we gently turn to God in prayer thanking Him for our heightened awareness, asking the voice of the Miraculous in prayer and meditation to guide us on the path of patience, tolerance, kindness, and love, allowing us to remain right sized and right minded.

  Having strongly held opinions and viewpoints are never troublesome when filtered through Spiritual truth. The trouble arises when we fail to employ this filter, for this filter is the key to self-control, the bar against becoming self-righteous and manifesting deadly spiritual pride. Though the price may seem high, the choice is simple: God or indignation. Choose wisely.

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