Revenge and Two Graves

Revenge and Two Graves

When we take offense at every trifling thing in life, becoming angry and outraged at clerks, customer service reps, waiters and waitresses, thoughtless drivers, oblivious people on their cell phone or any of the other myriad daily annoyances we will encounter, we place ourselves in danger. Additionally, when we become angry or resentful when someone fails to live up to “our” expectations we place ourselves at risk.

The real question then is: At what price peace of mind? Is our serenity worth losing over slow service, feeling “disrespected” by some anonymous clerk, being put on hold, a poor lane change, parking ticket, an inconsequential bump, a blocked sidewalk, an unfulfilled expectation, our “hurt” feelings over anything, even a simple news report? Not long ago a man lost his life leaving a baseball game over a verbal slight on the ramp leading to the exit, a “trifle” in hindsight morphing into a tragedy for all concerned. Revenge, getting even, wishing to punish others, resentment and condemnation under any guise are all dangerous paths leading only to strife and suffering, blocking us from true peace of mind and heart.

So, we must become slow to anger, to ask if the cause is “just” in spiritual light. When we do this, we soon find the just causes of anger are truly very rare, especially considering the Spiritual price we pay when angry. If we are truly confronted with the rare “just cause” requiring action on our part, we must be willing to follow through, condemning the act but not the actor. Instead we pray for them and those affected by their act, seeking ways to be of service to all who suffer, liking or approving of them immaterial. This is the way of the Peaceful Warrior. For if we fail to seek God first, viewing everything and everyone through the prism of Divine Love, we can fall victim to “justified” anger, seeking to punish others, opening the door of revenge thinking and when seeking revenge, we always begin by first digging two graves.

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