Morbid Reflection, Loins and Time Travel

Morbid Reflection, Loins and Time Travel

Morbid reflection is usually birthed when we rehash or rehearse the “story” of some past negative event or occurrence. When we do this, we time travel, for it takes us out of the present and transports us back in time when either we did or said something we are not proud of or something objectionable was done or said to us. Often it begins in a most nonchalant manner but quickly old feelings of hurt resurface, perhaps fear, loss, anger, and resentment which then progresses into condemnation of ourselves, the perpetrator, or both, finally leaving us depressed, restless, irritable, and discontent, an old wound bleeding anew.

Engaging in morbid reflection it is akin to hanging a big steak around our neck and stepping into a lion’s den. Not surprising then what happens next, yet unless we stand vigilant over the content of the thoughts we habitually entertain, we will find ourselves staring at that drooling lion regularly. We must not allow morbid reflection to gain even the slightest foothold in our thinking, so when we become aware of starting to hang another steak around our neck, we immediately turn to God, and ask the Miraculous to guide our thoughts. If the lion has already got a hold, we keep our prayers simple but insistent: Please God, help me to keep my head where my hands are, thy will be done or the simple yet powerful Be still and know that I am God. Depending on how far the lion has progressed with its meal, we may have to repeat the prayer or prayers numerous times but considering the ultimate outcome of the meal if we don’t, the price is cheap. So, when the lion roars, agree quickly that you are in the den, the only way out being swift and consistent application of Spiritual principles.

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