Evicting a Negative Roommate

Evicting a Negative Roommate

Having embarked on the path of Living on the Spiritual Basis we have learned the value of surrender to positively change behaviors we, though we have tried, have been unable to change on our own. As a result, some obviously destructive behaviors: addiction, unfaithfulness, dishonesty (cash register variety) fall from us in due course. To be clear: we are not “cured” of the thinking which empowers these behaviors, but we have been restored to sanity in that we now know the cause: self-centered fear. As our path continues to unfold more subtle variations of destructive behaviors will come into view. The causes behind failed or broken relationships, estranged children and family, unsatisfying career choices, selfish and inconsiderate actions, etc. now evident: our fear-based thinking. Additionally, we have come to know that without our true commitment to grow and change, these truths, often uncomfortable to face but face we must, nothing truly lasting can be gained until we get down to causes and conditions.   

Living with raised consciousness today when we find ourselves in disharmony the path is clear, we stop focusing on the perceived problem or difficulty and turn to the Miraculous. We speak to God, as we understand God, in prayer specifically on the issue at hand and ask to be shown the correct course of action, then thank Him for knowing Him better and refuse to consider the issue again in anything other than positive spiritual light. When the issue attempts to drag us back, and it will, into disharmony, i.e. morbid reflection, we stop and turn back to God affirming the issue is now in His hands and is no longer our concern. This will feel uncomfortable, perhaps even silly and rather pointless when we first begin employing this new strategy for living, this is natural, for trusting and relying upon the Miraculous runs contrary to secular thinking and takes consistent work and dedication on our part to realize its fruits, but to succeed we must persevere. In time this will become second nature, with disharmony becoming an occasional visitor, no longer a roommate. 

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