Morbid Reflection Lane

Morbid Reflection Lane

When we “decide” to dwell in the negative we place ourselves in a position to be harmed. Typically, negative thinking often begins innocently enough with a news story, a letter, cough, phone call, e-mail or text, some random physical pain or tossed off comment often from a stranger that for no good reason we begin to dwell on. As we roll the thought around in our consciousness, beginning to outline possible negative outcomes, we surrender ourselves willingly to another trip down morbid reflection lane, volunteering for what inevitably follows as our internal dialog outlines all the negative, possibly bad/horrible things that can/will happen if our fears are realized. As we continue down the path, spiraling deeper into despair, planting ourselves well and good into the fertile ground of depression and self-based fear we often find ourselves becoming physically ill as well. Additionally, remember the adage: misery loves company? We can sink even deeper by eliciting comments and support from those of a like mind, our fellow willing travelers who always answer the bell when morbid reflection calls.

Now the path leading away from this thinking is well lit but requires conscious and consistent effort on our part. When we become mindful we are drifting into morbid reflection or are already in its embrace, we stop and immediately turn to the Miraculous in prayer and visualize the Presence of God where the trouble seems to be, affirming Divine love and guidance, rejecting the negative while holding this truth in the forefront of our consciousness: Nothing, no problem or seemingly hopeless condition can come into our lives that God cannot change or remove completely, if we are about His business, not ours. I can’t, he can. So, I will let Him.

If you are new to Living on the Spiritual Basis this will feel odd and somewhat clumsy when first employed. In time it will become second nature and in truth is the only path away from morbid reflection and back to health, peace of mind and realizing our unlimited potential. Remember: progress, not perfection. So, when you recognize you are traveling in the wrong direction alter course back to truth, back to God, away from the adversary fear and limitation-based living and thinking and praying for all still locked in the bondage of self.

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