Living On The Spiritual Basis and The Salt of the Earth

Living On The Spiritual Basis and The Salt of the Earth

Salt of the Earth, you don’t hear that expression used very often anymore. When I was a child and someone was referred to as being “the salt of the earth” (Matthew 5:13) it was always said with a tone of admiration and respect. Matthew 5:14 explains why: You are the light of the world. To be a light of the world, quite an honor. This teaching goes on to state that this light will be set on a hill so all may be illuminated by it. So, practically how is this accomplished? By Living on the Spiritual Basis. 

When we embrace this new way of life we begin striping away the layers of selfishness, pride, self-pity, resentment; all forms and manifestations of the true adversary to our Serenity and ultimate freedom from the bondage of self, fear; which has shut us off from the Sunlight of the Spirit. As we develop this way of living day by day, the truth of being becomes evident: that we are children of eternity, the spark of the Divine within lies beyond the strictures of time, space, and flesh; everything and everyone connected. By practicing the principles this new way of life embodies; honesty, patience, tolerance, kindness, and love among them; our inner light begins to erase the shadows of false belief and fear and in time we become, the salt of the earth

So be diligent in the issues of your heart, be consistent in Living on the Spiritual Basis, let no vicissitude sway you from the path and give freely of what you have found: for you have become a light of the world, there is no greater calling. 

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