The True Path: Attraction, not Promotion

The True Path: Attraction, not Promotion

Part of the progression in our spiritual growth is the rise in our natural or soul “luminescence” as we demonstrate over the issues of life. As we begin to Live on the Spiritual Basis, day by day, people will naturally become attracted. As our inner light shines ever brighter even complete strangers will be take notice, seeking something they cannot name but subconsciously know they need, feeling it, seeing it with their Spiritual inner sight.  
They won’t know exactly why they are attracted (and under no circumstance should we try to explain the attraction), but they have questions and you appeal to their higher consciousness as someone with answers. Share openly and honestly your path with them, your struggles and successes, but under no circumstance evangelize or talk down to them from a “spiritual hilltop.” Answer the asked questions only and resist the urge to steer the conversation. Remember: real growth and understanding must begin within and though you have naturally grown into a guiding light, we must let them grow and learn at their own rate just as you did. So, speak from the heart, for when the heart speaks, hearts listen.

Now the rub: many have become attractions from walking the path, only to then lose themselves in spiritual pride. This terrible trap has snared untold numbers over time. Remember: just as the light bulb is the focal point of the light, the demonstration, it is the invisible power, the electricity, that lights it. So always remember, we are the messenger, the shining light, and Divine Love; God as we understand Him; is the message, the true source that powers this inner light. So, to avoid the deadly trap of spiritual pride we keep this in the forefront of our minds: in the eyes of the Miraculous, no one stands above another, all equally loved and honored, each responsible for their demonstration, their path, for we all reap as we have sown.

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