Silent Serenity Assassins

Silent Serenity Assassins Some years ago, I became very ill, but since I was still “functioning” I delayed going to my physician until I was in a very bad way. The onset had been so gradual my body and life had adapted to it, my life having shrunken to the point of work and commitments,Continue reading “Silent Serenity Assassins”

Metaphysics: East vs West

Metaphysics: East vs West Aristotle referred to metaphysics as the “first philosophy.” A metaphysician or metaphysicist studies all things and how they relate. Whether the focus is ontological (loosely the study of everything in our physical world) or cosmological (the study and relationship of everything in the universe) metaphysics, both approaches clearly cover a wideContinue reading “Metaphysics: East vs West”

The Water Of Life

The Water Of Life Closer is He than breathing; nearer than hands and feet. -Tennyson. In truth, we are always in contact with Source, because we are of Source, not human beings in search of a spiritual connection, we are spiritual beings experiencing the human condition, the connection always there, if we are willing. HighContinue reading “The Water Of Life”


Independence Today the United States celebrates independence from a tyrannical government hundreds of years ago, the reverberations of which still shake the world today. So, what better day for us to celebrate our liberation as well from limitation thinking and living. Having stepped out in purpose, demonstrating freedom from the bondage of self, helping allContinue reading “Independence”

Inevitable Return

Inevitable Return Our existence in this flesh is but a moment in parentheses: Divine Love (birth-life-death) Divine Love. Having embraced Living on the Spiritual Basis this truth has become evident: we are not this body, we are Divine, eternal beings experiencing the human condition, learning to Love unconditionally, the I AM, our true self, existingContinue reading “Inevitable Return”

Chits and Giggles

Chits and Giggles We are constantly bombarded with all manner of messages of doom and gloom. Right now, a television program is airing dealing with the demise of mankind at the hands of: this or that political party, super volcanoes, climate change, nuclear winter, aliens, asteroid/comet strike, EMP blasts, Book Of Revelations, any of aContinue reading “Chits and Giggles”

Too High A Price

Too High A Price Remember when you were a teenager and couldn’t wait to enjoy the supposed fruits of adulthood? As a wise man said youth is wasted on the young. So many truths of youth take on a different patina when viewed with experienced eyes. Who wouldn’t love to have the energy, the recuperativeContinue reading “Too High A Price”

Morbid Reflection Lane

Morbid Reflection Lane When we “decide” to dwell in the negative we place ourselves in a position to be harmed. Typically, negative thinking often begins innocently enough with a news story, a letter, cough, phone call, e-mail or text, some random physical pain or tossed off comment often from a stranger that for no goodContinue reading “Morbid Reflection Lane”

Evicting a Negative Roommate

Evicting a Negative Roommate Having embarked on the path of Living on the Spiritual Basis we have learned the value of surrender to positively change behaviors we, though we have tried, have been unable to change on our own. As a result, some obviously destructive behaviors: addiction, unfaithfulness, dishonesty (cash register variety) fall from usContinue reading “Evicting a Negative Roommate”

Morbid Reflection, Loins and Time Travel

Morbid Reflection, Loins and Time Travel Morbid reflection is usually birthed when we rehash or rehearse the “story” of some past negative event or occurrence. When we do this, we time travel, for it takes us out of the present and transports us back in time when either we did or said something we are notContinue reading “Morbid Reflection, Loins and Time Travel”

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