The Water Of Life

The Water Of Life

Closer is He than breathing; nearer than hands and feet. -Tennyson. In truth, we are always in contact with Source, because we are of Source, not human beings in search of a spiritual connection, we are spiritual beings experiencing the human condition, the connection always there, if we are willing.

High in the mountains around the world small streams start when fed by rain and melting snow made up of infinitesimally small water molecules. These streams flow down their mountains, connecting with other streams, finally becoming rivers, rivers flowing perhaps thousands of miles before eventually merging with the ocean, the water molecules eventually traveling around the world, to the deepest recesses of the oceans, only to rise again to the surface and evaporate, returning to the clouds to fall as snow or rain once more, a journey repeated countless times over billions of years, source constantly renewed. Consider: these billions of year-old molecules are coursing through us at this moment, sustaining us, molecules which once fell as snow on the highest peaks, flowed down mighty rivers in every corner of the world and were frozen in glaciers for millennia in ice ages long past.

We are surrounded by wonder, the amazing complexity and interconnectedness of life in even the simplest things evident, if we will only take the time to consider. Though separated from one another by flesh, in truth, Spirit is the water of life, transcending all limitation or earthly constraints. So, when reaching out for Source, for God in prayer and meditation remember, look inward, for Closer is He than breathing; nearer than hands and feet, so drink deeply, for the Miraculous is most near indeed.

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