Winging To Serenity

Winging To Serenity

“The truth will set you free.”  Ever watch a bird floating on a current of air, winging its way with practiced grace, unmindful of any man-made or natural impediment to travel; thinking to ourselves how wonderful it would be if we could fly? How much more interesting the world becomes when we add a little height to our point of view, what was once hidden revealed as we soar above the world, pedestrian level restrictions of no concern.

Spiritual flight produces the same effect. We take wing when we seek the Miraculous first, we accomplish this by saluting the Divine in all our brothers and sisters, rejecting condemnation and resentment toward anyone, for any reason, for we now know if we don’t, we suffer in bondage, not the person or thing we are mad or resentful at. When we take flight spiritually, we embrace the Great Reality: that we are in fact and deed children of The Miraculous, timeless and immortal, limited only by the bondage of self, this bondage fueled by the one true adversary, Fear. Soaring we begin to grasp, to see, the true nature of all creation: that everything and everyone are connected in Spirit, and there is a little bit of good in the worst of us and a little bit of bad in the best, for such is the nature of being human.

Our point of view broadened and clarified, we learn to live and grow on the Spiritual Basis day by day, as we soar to new heights what was once hidden comes into view, becoming more distinct as our vision sharpens and expands as does our comprehension. Losing the shackles of self-based fear, we fly ever higher on the currents of Divine Love, coming to know Peace and we begin comprehending the nature of Serenity.

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