Taking Stock

Taking Stock

What do you believe? People believe all sorts of things worshiping at the altar of sports teams, politicians or one cause or another, their ardor equal too and often exceeding that of the most fervent church goer. I wish to make no value judgment on anyone’s beliefs, only that we have a capacity for passionate belief and commitment to many things. The question then is a matter of priority. I always find it curious that we can spend untold hours in discussion and debate on sports, politics, a television series or some other cause near and dear to us but have only a passing interest in our relationship with the Infinite.

When the time comes, and it comes for all since our time in this flesh is finite, the day we somersault into Eternity unknown to us, will a life dedicated to secular pursuits and interests be of much assistance when faced with the ultimate and eternal? Is there really anything more important than our connection with The Miraculous or defining the spiritual parameters by which we live? Please, do not misunderstand; be passionate, root for your team, campaign for your beliefs and stand for the issues that move you, but we must not neglect taking stock, an honest inventory of our life to ascertain where we really stand spiritually, for in the end, literally, what could be more important?

For those who belong to an organized Religion, this stock taking or inventory is just as significant. Do we really believe what is being taught or are we paying it lip service with little passion, attending out of rote rather than deeply held conviction? How involved are you, for all truly reap as they sow. Are you committed to the beliefs your church espouses, the religion youchose, demonstrating that belief and commitment in all your actions?

No one can take stock for us, so begin today to honestly inventory your beliefs and actions, for spiritual honesty is a requisite if we are to find our true voice and place, to know peace and to comprehend serenity and if we find work needs to be done, get started immediately, for what could possibly be of greater importance?

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