Spiritual Cafeteria

Spiritual Cafeteria

“The universe is run exactly on the lines of a cafeteria.” Emmet Fox. And just as the food at the self-serve cafeteria, all the gifts Grace provides are laid out before us, but it is up to us to take the action to claim them, for just as the self-serve cafeteria where we can sit waiting, watching others eating all around us, we will remain hungry until we act. To be filled Spiritually we must claim our nourishment, “paying” for it by truly embracing Divine Love, forgiving all, refusing to embrace resentment or condemnation of anyone or anything for any reason, putting into action and demonstration the truths we have come to hold in our heart, while resisting the alluring spiritual shortcuts arrayed before us which ultimately lead only to frustration and morbid reflection. These shortcuts or seemingly “easier softer ways” are like trying to live on cafeteria Jell-O and desserts alone. Though colorful, tasty, and satisfying in the moment, trying to live solely on them leads only to ill health and problems, while Spiritually these shortcuts are deadly. Spiritual Jell-O, you heard it here first.


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