Working Smart, Not Hard

Working Smart, Not Hard

Easy does it! and Work hard but don’t make hard work of it, are two sayings to live by. Consider, has worry or being so tense a loud noise makes you jump ever improved or changed the outcome of any undertaking, let alone your serenity? Not in my experience. Worry is needless wear and tear on our mind and body, kind of like sitting in your car at a stop light, putting it in neutral and then pushing the accelerator to the floor. A whole lot of sound and fury and wasted energy with nothing much to show for it, except curious looks from those stopped next to you and maybe a large repair bill.

Our course then is simple, whatever we are about, take the next prudent step, the indicated action whatever that may be and when this is accomplished, stop. Nothing positive is ever had by continually rehashing something that is done. Worry and anxiety are simply forms of fear, and truly, what is there to be afraid of? Living on the Spiritual Basis we are in the world but not of it, today understanding we are all children of the Miraculous, loved beyond measure, eternal in every aspect that matters, this day just one day in our long schooling. So, we keep our head where our hands are, addressing the tasks in front of us to the best of our current ability, and when done we relax and take it easy, reminding ourselves that, though our true Self is eternal, we live one day at a time

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