Your Mama’s Back

Your Mama’s Back

You have probably heard these bad luck superstitions, maybe even repeated them yourself: step on a crack and break your mama’s back, three on a match, a dead man’s shoes, breaking a mirror brings 7 years of woe, a black cat crossing your path, spilled salt, anything 13, walking under a ladder and so many more. Many unfortunately believe that this life can be influenced by seemingly random occurrences like these. When we begin to Live on the Spiritual Basis it becomes clear that life is filled with uncontrollable and unavoidable moments of broken mirrors, sidewalk cracks, 13’s, black cats, spilled salt, etc. and the only power they possess is that which we choose to give them. Living on the Spiritual Basis we now know that the universe really is on our side, that our true inheritance as children of the Miraculous is to be happy, joyous, and free. Believing in superstitions denies the beauty and the power of this relationship. All superstitions are curious self-imposed impediments keeping us from living to our fullest, choosing to remain in the bondage of self rather than breathe free. So, the next time you spill the salt, walk under a ladder or step on a crack, laugh and thank God as you understand Him for being set free. And besides, everybody knows black cats are cool, right?

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