The Road Less Traveled

The Road Less Traveled

I’ll bet, like me, you have read a shelf full of spiritual books over the years. Remember how uplifting they were when first read? Your Erroneous Zones, The Sermon on the Mount, The Purpose Driven Life, Joshua, Make Your Life Worthwhile, Never Alone, Just Like Jesus, The Secret, The Power of Intention, A Course In Miracles are just a few from my “bookshelf”. The problem arises when we spend all our time seeking, while failing to really incorporate the principles we have learned into our lives. Living on the Spiritual Basis requires action, the knowledge we have gained intelligently applied in daily life.

It has been said, “Many roads lead to Jerusalem” (Jerusalem representing Spiritual awakening), but we must pick one and stay on it, investing ourselves in the path chosen. A casual reading or passing assent avails us what all spiritual half measures deliver, nothing. To grow in awareness and understanding requires consistent unselfish constructive action on our part, being irresolute, lacking focus or true direction leads only to confusion and frustration. In time we may find a different path calling us, if this happens, having been resolute it will happen naturally, organically, without struggle.

So, we must set our feet firmly on our chosen path, profiting in knowledge, growing daily by demonstration. One of the principal requirements is to remain open-minded and teachable, learning from all while understanding this is The Road Less Traveled and as such, there will be times when we seemingly are walking alone, however, Divine Love and Knowledge is always by our side, ready to guide and protect us.

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