Destructive Riches

Destructive Riches

You have probably heard, or some variation of: For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows (1 Timothy 6:10). Well, at least the first part anyway. Consider how many “successful” people throughout history have used wealth to impress their will on others due to the false belief their financial success equates to spiritual success. The supposed entitlement that wealth conveys unfortunately has for many built a barrier to enlightenment which often becomes insurmountable. To be clear: money is not the problem, it’s the love of it.

If our definition of success is based solely on possessions and wealth, we will have “gained the world but lost ourselves”, remember, he who dies with the most toys still dies and as much as we may wish to, we can’t take it with us. Many have tried, and all have failed. We find them, unearth them, and then parade them and their cherished possessions about, kind of creepy if you really stop and think about it, this grave robbing. Clearly it didn’t work out so well for them, did it? Additionally, we all know or know of a family torn apart over an inheritance, greed supplanting love and family.

Living on the Spiritual Basis we learn to use money as the tool it truly is. God wants all His children to be happy, joyous, and free and if we have been blessed with substantial resources, we seek ways to help others, preferably anonymously, for in this way we avoid the trap of love of money and avoid piercing ourselves through with many sorrows.

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