Treading Lightly, With Purpose

Treading Lightly, With Purpose

We are all confronted by spiritual tyrants in the course of our lives. When this happens, our course is to stand firm, stating our beliefs and understanding of Spiritual principles with clarity and tact, resisting the temptation to reply in anger or condemnation or worse compromise our beliefs as a strategy for avoiding the necessary confrontation. Tyrants only view this as weakness, our failure to stand strong in faith providing them license to bully others. To be clear: it is unlikely they will be moved by our calm and measured response, it matters not. For in truth, an individual’s demonstration belongs only to them, and all reap as they sow. Living on the Spiritual Basis we stand and deliver, with patience, kindness, tolerance, and love. And when we fall short of this ideal; and we all will from time to time for such is the nature of being human, we must always be gentle when dealing with ourselves, profiting from all experiences, sharing openly and honestly our highs and lows, successes, and failures. 

AND Remember: liking or agreeing with someone is not a requisite for saluting their innate spirituality; but this recognition is our ultimate responsibility to one another as children of Divine Love. In living this way, we remain free of resentments, anger, condemnation, and the temptation to exercise personal power over others, thus avoiding the deadly trap of Spiritual Pride, and of becoming tyrants our self.

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