Tyranny and Ego

Tyranny and Ego

Living by spiritual principles is not easy, no news flash there, and unfortunately many that do disagree on the path. Constructive conversation in congenial tones, on any topic, should be sought, unfortunately, many are incapable of this. Their beliefs fall into the “my way or the highway” school of judgment, often raised to Sacred Cow status, which leaves no room whatsoever for conversation, let alone congeniality. The indelicate machinations of politicians notwithstanding, history is replete with those who may have started out with noble ideals who then began to believe their own press and (often unconsciously) placed themselves on the pedestal of “I know better” transforming from teacher to leader to tyrant.

Tyrant: 1. Absolute ruler: an absolute ruler who exercises power cruelly and unjustly 
2.  Authoritarian person: somebody who exercises authority unjustly and oppressively.

To avoid becoming a spiritual tyrant is simple but not easy. It begins, and ends, with the absolute truth that all are equal in God’s eyes. The opening words of the Lord’s Prayer, “Our Father”, sums up our relationship with Him who has all knowledge and power simply: that all are equally loved in Spirit; the opportunity to live on the Spiritual Basis open to all, regardless of current circumstances or how “unlovely” they may currently be. When we look down on or speak derisively to or about anyone, we open the door to the tyranny of spirit, hiding behind the straw man sentiment of “it’s for their own good.” To be free, we must salute the innate spirituality in all (liking or approving of them immaterial), seeing them through the prism of Divine Love, recognizing the nobility of their spirit even though they are incapable of reciprocation. Tyranny dies in love but this love requires the sacrifice of ego.  


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