Riding The Black Horse

Riding The Black Horse The Black Horse represents a complete reliance on our “human” intelligence. Consider how many worships at the altar of intellect. To be fair, they don’t see it as worship, but is there really a whit of difference in commitment or passion between the minister preaching from the pulpit or the self-assuredContinue reading “Riding The Black Horse”

Riding The Red Horse

We ride the Red Horse when our emotions and feelings dominate us, overriding everything else. When we act out without thinking it through, without considering the possible consequences or ramifications of what our words or actions in enflamed haste may bring. The Law of Unintended Consequences on full display. The heated snap decision to leaveContinue reading “Riding The Red Horse”

Riding The Pale Horse

The four biblical horsemen in The Book Of Revelation are tied to the end times but I will leave that discussion for another day. That said there is still much we can learn spiritually from these examples. Consider the first three horsemen from an individual spiritual perspective: The Pale Horse represents the physical body andContinue reading “Riding The Pale Horse”

Heathens In Our Head

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Heathens In Our Head

Heathens In Our Head Everything we say, do or observe is recorded. Everything. Not by God, or some heavenly scribe watching our every move, but by each of us. It is written upon our heart, in our hand, recorded in our subconscious. Every questionable or negative thing we have ever said or done (as wellContinue reading “Heathens In Our Head”


“Pain is the only instrument sharp enough to cut away the excess of self.” Pain is what motivates us. Mother Teresa was motivated by the pain of those suffering around her. Martin Luther King Jr. was motivated by the pain he saw in the inequality of life based on skin color. The great spiritual teachers,Continue reading “Persevere”

Harmless Gossip?

Harmless Gossip? Vigilance is the price for continued Spiritual Freedom. Drifting into negative thinking or speech typically happens without any conscious thought or plan on our part. Those “good” natured gossip sessions with a friend or joining in (or worse, instigating) a huddle at work complaining about a disagreeable co-worker or boss or worse takingContinue reading “Harmless Gossip?”

Seeking Direction

Everyone requires help at times in their lives. Everyone. There is a part of us though, and not a good part, which routinely suggests we do not need help or direction, we can, or worse should,do it on our own, figure it out. Now if it is failing to follow written directions and finding ourselvesContinue reading “Seeking Direction”

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