Thanksgiving 2018

Thanksgiving is an interesting Holiday, it’s history associated with all manner of things depending on one’s historical perspective, but principally the Pilgrims giving thanks to God for their continued survival in an often-hostile environment, any help thousands of miles and weeks away at best. Today the thanks given seems mostly for days off work for some, time and a half for others, football, ditching the diet and workout routine for consuming far too much food, family hopefully, friends probably, early bird Black Friday sales, that nap after dinner finished off of course with pumpkin or pecan pie.

Having chosen to live the examined life we need to additionally find a few minutes for quiet contemplation, giving thanks for the spiritual lessons learned, and the people who have touched us this past year, for the Love freely given and received. Giving thanks as well for the new person we are becoming,our unfoldment in Spirit an ongoing process, testifying to our daily growth as a child of the light, learning to walk free of the fear driven life. Oh, and have seconds of that pie, I mean, it is Thanksgiving, Right?

Miracles Of Recovery


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