Seeking Direction

Everyone requires help at times in their lives. Everyone. There is a part of us though, and not a good part, which routinely suggests we do not need help or direction, we can, or worse should,do it on our own, figure it out. Now if it is failing to follow written directions and finding ourselves with a half assembled something or other that has to be disassembled because we left a key part out or refusing to ask for directions when driving are one thing, but what of our spiritual life?

Thinking we can “do it on our own” in this area invariably leads to needless difficulty and suffering. The problem lies in self, manifesting as baseless fear; that we will either be judged negatively by others or worse, we are supposed to know how to live spiritually, the truth of being just”popping” into our consciousness unaided. Nonsense. Every spiritual teacher and leader have stood in this place, without exception. Whether it be Jesus, Buddha, Moses or Muhammad all received direction and guidance from the Great Creative Intelligence at the heart of everything and learned as they grew spiritually,their consciousness┬áraised as a result. Now you and I may not currently have the kind of direct access the aforementioned had, but it matters not.

Spiritual guides, teachers and fellowships, both sectarian and religious based abound. Our job is seeking where we are, and as has been said, when the student is ready the teacher will appear. There will be missteps along the way, but these often provide some of the most powerful lessons. And when the adversary, Fear,often cloaked in pride, whispers in our ear that we don’t need help we now understand this is the moment to reach out, for if we fail to do so we become prey to all manner of spiritual unease and disease opening the door to the bondage of self. Oh,and just a thought, maybe this Christmas read the directions before assembly? Miracles Of Recovery.

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