Still Wicked!

Still Wicked!

In the 60’s and early 70’s wicked was a good thing. A car could be wicked fast, something could look wicked or an activity or action could be wicked, in a good way. Used in this way today would be a faux pas on a par with using groovy in any way except when describing the ridges and valleys in a piece of wood. A hundred years ago had you used wicked the response from the listener would have been very different. Drift back a little further and employing wicked regarding a person could result in their facing an inquisition, possibly even losing their lives in a very horrific manner.
Wicked: adj
1.  very bad: very wrong 
2.  mischievous: liking to tease people playfully or cause them slight trouble, but without upsetting them seriously
 3.  mean: liking to say very unpleasant things to people
 4.  very good: very impressive or very skillful (slang)
     “He plays a wicked game of tennis.”
 5.  dangerous: capable of causing harm to somebody
      “A knife with a wicked blade.”
 6.  distressing: causing discomfort, distress, or disappointment (informal)
        “I’ve got a wicked headache.”
 7.  disgusting: tasting or smelling disgusting and repulsive 
 8. (archaic) bad people: people who do very bad things (Encarta)

Wow, wicked really is a wicked (#4) word. Those who have lived life in a wicked (#1&3) way are going to approach life very differently from those whose lived (#2) wickedly. I’m beginning to feel wicked (#6). The good news is regardless of having perhaps lived a wicked life (#1,3,5 or 7), having chosen to live on a different basis, the basis of trusting and relying on God, we are now wicked (#4). Though we once may have been wicked (#8), through God’s love, grace, forgiveness and guidance we leave behind our wicked (1,3,5,6 & 7) ways and grow in understanding and service not only to God but also to our fellows. Wicked (#4 of course). Whew.

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