Judgement, The Heart Of Pain

Judgement, The Heart Of Pain

Probably no spiritual concept is more misunderstood than judgment. People who normally would never quote from scripture cite Jesus when they feel they are being judged unfairly, typically misquoting Him to the tune that passing any judgment is bad. Nothing could be further from the truth. To be clear: We all pass judgment on all sorts of things daily. Every decision we make requires a judgment call. Paper or plastic, salad or pizza, fill the gas tank now or chance it, etc. Now, daily living judgment calls are one thing, but what about spiritually? The Carpenter taught that we should not, in fact cannot in truth, point out the flaws in others when we are demonstrating the same or worse in our own lives. To do so is gross hypocrisy and opens the individual to greater reciprocal judgment; reaping what they have sown. Consider the practicing alcoholic commenting on someone’s drinking, the neighbor with waist high weeds criticizing another’s yard or the co-worker bemoaning the hard work of others because it makes them look bad in comparison.

This hypocrisy becomes evident when we begin to Live on the Spiritual Basis, placing our feet on the road less traveled. Having constructively inventoried our lives and placed our finger on those things which were blocking us from the freedom we so desperately sought, we honestly and ruthlessly asked God to remove everything that has kept us from fully demonstrating His love and guidance in our lives. In this way we learn to view ourselves and our fellows with righteous judgment. Will we do this perfectly? Of course not, for the fear that lies at the heart of all our difficulties and shortcomings is a cunning foe and though we make mistakes, we must persevere. In time we will learn to practice the same patience, kindness, love and tolerance that God shows us and take to heart the painful lesson of avoiding answering the unasked questions regarding the behavior of others. As our vision improves spiritually there are few things more painful than watching someone sinking and know there is nothing we can do for them, save silent prayer as long as they remain unwilling, shut off from the truth of being. Change always begins within, uninvited outside pressure and advice though it may be right on target, virtually always falls on deaf ears. Righteous Judgment is being willing to walk through the very gates of hell to carry the good news, to help any and all who suffer, but waiting for them to ask is the Heart Of Pain.

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