An Army of Salvations

An Army of Salvations

Words have a way of morphing over time. Some words once in common usage have seemingly disappeared or their meaning/application has changed. Salvation is one of those words. Few save those in the soul saving business today use it. Many people if asked only relate to it in regard to those kettles manned by that army in the curious uniforms outside malls and stores at Christmas. To wit, four general definitions of Salvation:

1.  act of saving from harm: the saving of somebody or something from harm, destruction, difficulty, or failure 
2.  means of saving someone or something: protecting or delivering somebody or something from harm or difficulty
3. Practiced in Christianity it means deliverance from sin through Jesus Christ.
4. In the Christian Science philosophy of life it is a belief in the supremacy of life, truth, and love, and in their destruction of such illusions as sin, illness, and death

Who hasn’t tried to employ the first definition with our children and those we love or the second with even strangers or new acquaintances by simply providing a phone number for a good mechanic, tax preparer or just dropping a quarter in a parking meter about to expire (I know, it is illegal, but I think it puts a smile on our Guardian Angel’s face every time we do). Every time you saved a lizard from the cat or stopped and waited for a mother duck and her brood to cross the road you engaged in an act of salvation. See, demonstrating salvation is not that hard. Sounds a lot more impressive when you can announce to the world you provided an act of salvation versus you lent a hand to some baby ducks and their mom. On a more serious note when we embark on the new basis of living, the Spiritual Basis, salvation in demonstration becomes the norm, the very fabric of our existence.

But what of definitions three and four? These are issues left for you and your consciousness, your relationship with God. What is required of those Living on the Spiritual Basis is to remain open minded, even when we do not completely agree with a particular approach to a relationship with God, there is still much for us to learn. At the very least, take the time to place yourself in their shoes and, whether you agree with them or not, look through their eyes, for never lose sight of the ultimate truth that they are children of the Most High just as you are. So “Be quick to see were religious people are right. Make use of what they offer” even though you may not agree with them completely.

In truth, we have committed many acts of salvation in the course of our lives. And many have been extended to us by others, often anonymously. Regardless of the term we use to describe these acts, they are demonstrations of our higher self, clear indications that we are in fact connected, one to another, in Spirit and love. Rejoice!
Miracles Of Recovery

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