Our Illusionary Safe Harbors

Our Illusionary Safe Harbors

The one true adversary to serenity, Fear, drives us in hundreds of ways, is always lurking, and wears many guises. When we try to avoid the inevitable sharp, hard seemingly fearful things in life we become as Sisyphus, forever pushing a stone uphill only to lose control a few feet short of victory, then doggedly following it down to begin the endless trudge once again.  And just as Sisyphus, we will never reach the illusionary safe harbors of enough abundance, good health, secure employment, “perfect” children or any of the other secular things we hope will assuage our fears. The best investments can and have turned sour, though we should do all we can to guard our health, all flesh eventually fails, even the best companies suffer through downturns and try as we might to protect and teach them, our children will walk their own path, make their own mistakes, just as we did.

Living on the Spiritual Basis we place fear in its proper perspective, that, Life is unmanageable and we are ultimately powerless over it, and this truth sets us free. Living on the new basis, the basis of trusting and relying on a Power Greater Than Ourselves, when faced with fear in its various guises we have come to understand today is just one day in eternity, that prayer is always the answer even when we are unsure of the question, and habitual meditation leads to peace of heart and spirit. The choice is always ours; trust the carnal mind, relying on our finite knowledge and resources to solve the fear problem or place ourselves unreservedly into the arms of infinite love, guidance and abundance and be free. Choose wisely.

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