Day 3 Of The 7 Day Mental Diet 2019

Day 3 Of The 7 Day Mental Diet 2019

Day 3: Having fun yet? The diet may be simple, but it certainly is not easy. Continue being vigilant; watching for morbid reflection, those negative or destructive thoughts and judgements which seem to always be lurking, waiting for the chance to spring up and dominate our train of thought. When you find your thoughts drifting in this manner immediately supplant the negative and destructive thoughts with positive. At this point simple affirmations are probably best, like: “There is no power greater than God, and God is love” “I freely forgive all who have negatively touched my life” or simply “Be still and know that I am God.” Most importantly is that it sings to your heart.
As you are beginning to discover, this can be a strenuous effort, and few would be able to do this for much more than seven days so take heart, the dividends you will receive are worth the effort. Keep in focus the reason for this diet: to be aware of our thinking in a new light and to learn to plant positive, constructive, optimistic, and kind thoughts in the garden of our consciousness; watered with the love and guidance of the Creative Power of the Universe. Shhhh…and remember, don’t tell anyone you are on a diet. Follow this advice as well if you are considering starting a weight loss plan, an exercise program or quitting smoking and your odds of success will increase exponentially.

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