Day 2 of the 7 Day Mental Diet

Day 2 of the 7 Day Mental Diet 2019

If you are still considering whether to attempt this diet, take a moment in quiet contemplation and ask yourself why? What is there truly to be afraid of? This contemplation alone is worth the price of admission, but remember, always be gentle with yourself, avoiding morbid reflection and condemnation at all costs.

Day 2: If you began the diet yesterday, today choose the subjects you will entertain in your consciousness. Measure the emotional tone, being aware at all times of what you are thinking and how it is affecting you. Now for some good news, no one does this perfectly. When you become aware your thoughts have wandered somewhere negative, and they will, consider why you drifted into that thought and how it affected you emotionally, don’t judge or search for cause, just observe. Often these are just random thoughts triggered by a scent, a word or phrase or any of the multitudes of sensory inputs we experience daily, so do not give into paralysis by analysis. Remember, often a cloudy day is just a cloudy day, nothing more. If you find perhaps there is more to it and you cannot take a moment now, briefly note the thought and when you have the time, reflect on it in gentle contemplation. There is a rule here that must be obeyed, the rule is we are never to struggle or engage in negative appraisal of these random thoughts. We simply observe what floats through our mind as dispassionately as we can; this is not an exercise in judging, only in observing and noting effects.

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