Day 4 Of The 7 Day Mental Diet 2019

Day 4 Of The 7 Day Mental Diet 2019

Day 4: Consider: You are sitting by a camp fire and a hot cinder flies up and lands on your sleeve. If you brush the cinder off at once, without a moments delay, no harm is done. However, if you allow it to rest for even a few heartbeats, under any pretense, the mischief is done, leaving a hole in your shirt and possibly a welt on your arm to mark its passing. So, it is with negative thought.

Simply stated we have no control over the thoughts which float up from our subconsciousness or are foisted on us by others, but we do choose how we will address them. Living on the Spiritual Basis the path is clear: When we immediately supplant a negative thought with a positive one, we remain unharmed, our spiritual “sleeves” hole free. Additionally, remember we do not try to discern or understand why a particular thought crossed our mind, avoiding the trap of morbid reflection; we simply take the necessary action to address it. Kinda like a house fire, why it started of little importance when putting it out quickly is the goal. In time, this will become second nature.

By this point in the diet you are probably experiencing some difficulties, it may feel like everything is seemingly going sideways, you have more trouble now, more spiritual discontent than when you started. Outstanding! You have shaken your world at its bedrock and when the shaking stops, a new and much stronger foundation will be in place. So, take heart and stay the course and again under no circumstance discuss what you are doing with anyone at this point of the diet. Onwards through the fog.

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