Riding The Black Horse

Riding The Black Horse

The Black Horse represents a complete reliance on our “human” intelligence. Consider how many worships at the altar of intellect. To be fair, they don’t see it as worship, but is there really a whit of difference in commitment or passion between the minister preaching from the pulpit or the self-assured professor, scientist or politician speaking with fevered conviction, condemning anyone who disagrees with them? Consider the science textbooks of just the last 40 years, regardless of discipline, that have had to be rewritten due to new discoveries, old theories making way for new. History is very illustrative on this point, for every generation believes they have all the answers. To wit:

A few hundred years ago if you argued the Earth was not the center of the universe as Galileo did, you could be jailed, even put to death. In the late 1800’s most in the scientific community believed man would never fly, for if he were meant to fly, he would have wings, so the “forces” of flight by any means would “naturally” prove fatal they believed. At the turn of the last century the head of the US Patent Office suggested it be closed, since everything worthwhile and of importance had been invented. As late as the 1950’s many of the most prominent scientific minds believed man would never survive a trip into space since they were certain passing through the Van Allen radiation belt was not survivable. Since the 1970’s everything science thought it knew about dinosaurs has been turned on its head, while revelations in Quantum Mechanics in the last thirty years has shaken physics, the basic laws of everything, at its foundation generating more questions than answers.

Is it not the height of hubris to think that “now” (or more accurately “this time”) we have all the answers in any area of study or science, let alone Spiritually? We ride the Black Horse when we close our minds to growth and greater inspiration and begin collecting and carefully herding sacred cows, shutting ourselves off from the fresh winds that drive our higher selves, stagnation in demonstration, dismissing any contrary thought or belief out of hand because just like Galileo‘s jailers, the issue, the science is settled and there is nothing left to learn or discover.

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