The Conquering Horse

The Conquering Horse

The fourth horse is the White Horse, the Conquering Horse. Our words have power. Too heal, to harm, to start a conflict or stop one, to spread love or condemn. Our words and actions mark us and lay the foundation for our future, a future of either freedom or bondage. Living on the Spiritual Basis we now know we can no longer hide behind generalities. When we marginalize or condemn anyone, for any reason, we pay the price. To ride the White Horse to freedom from Fear requires more courage than we are capable of on our own, but with the Miraculous all things are possible. So we abandon ourselves to God, asking Him to remove the lingering prejudices, sacred cows and fears holding us back, grabbing the mane of the Conquering Horse as it speeds by, jumping on, holding on with all our might. If our fears try to rein him in or guide him in any way he will toss us off for His vision is clear, His sights set, His destination no less than the heart of God, and nothing will stop or alter His course, for it is none other than God himself who sent him to us and He will provide the abiding strength and trust necessary for us, though trembling, to hold on and ride to freedom.

Take heart, we have all ridden the White Horse and been tossed off, for Fear is a persistent and convincing adversary. When your White Horse returns, and he always will for he exists only to carry you to freedom, jump back on and hold on with all the conviction at your disposal at this time and if we again find ourselves standing by the side of the road of Freedom from the Bondage of Self, we say a prayer of thanks for the distance travelled to date and rejoice while dusting ourselves off for the sound we hear, is the sound of approaching hoof beats.

Miracles Of Recovery

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