Riding The Red Horse

We ride the Red Horse when our emotions and feelings dominate us, overriding everything else. When we act out without thinking it through, without considering the possible consequences or ramifications of what our words or actions in enflamed haste may bring. The Law of Unintended Consequences on full display. The heated snap decision to leave a job or abandon a relationship we soon come to regret. How many lives have been lost or ruined when an individual or nation acted on overheated emotions, rhetoric or inflamed feelings? How many fights, confrontations and wars could have been avoided if cooler heads had prevailed? How many friendships and relationships have been irretrievably harmed by something said or done in the heat of the moment?

To be clear: We are emotional beings. Without emotion, this world would be a very drab place indeed, bereft of music or art, possibly even love. It is when we are controlled, dominated by our emotional nature that we ride the Red Horse, and as anyone who has taken this ride can attest: havoc, turmoil and pain are the result.

Miracles Of Recovery

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