A Made Bed

A Made Bed

Many are in a hurry spiritually but never really arrive anywhere. They rush to and fro, from hither to yon, worrying, concerned with “big things” while neglecting the foundational principles which make understanding the big things possible. A wise man said, “If you want to change the world, start by making your bed every day.” Sounds kinda silly but is spot on. “Making our bed” spiritually travels in the same car with “getting back to basics.” As I have said elsewhere, if I ever meet the individual who suggested getting away from basics in the first place I will (metaphorically of course) provide them with a thrashing.

Making our bed spiritually requires us to adopt a simple but effective spiritual routine employed daily, without fail, consistent basic actions that we build on throughout each day to keep us centered spiritually, avoiding the trap of morbid reflection found in anger, worry, anxiety and remorse.

So, don’t be in a rush, but don’t hesitate either do the things to begin your day in a positive way. Read a small section of something spiritual that appeals to you, simple daily positive prayers and affirmations have and are working for many and meditating for a few minutes to start the day always pays dividends. What you choose is your affair, but choose and stick to it, make it a basic part of living, for in that way if we never get away from it, we never have to go back to it. Oh, and make your bed as well, it is a wonderful simple form of discipline that pays great dividends and who doesn’t like coming home to a made bed?

Miracles Of Recovery

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