Respecting the Law of Attraction

Living on the Spiritual Basis requires respect for all, regardless of station or whether we like or agree with them. This does not mean we open ourselves to being harmed with a Polly Anna simplistic view, since there are people with bad intentions in the world,a few minutes of today’s news will readily confirm this.

But we must focus on the positive to maintain our freedom from the bondage of self. As a wise man said, “there is a little bit of bad in the best of us and a little bit of good in the worst” and we must recognize, and even salute the spiritual heart, the good, in all. So, we never place ourselves knowingly in a position to be hurt, and if we are, we pray for the actor while condemning the action. Though many have good intentions, often their actions are lacking and in truth we are all measured by the things we do and say, for good or ill, such is the Law of Attraction.

So be quick to salute and acknowledge accomplishment and just as quick in prayer for those stumbling, always seeking the higher road of raised consciousness, avoiding the pitfall of spiritual pride, condemning the act, not the actor. In this simple way we respect all, while affirming this cosmic truth: we all reap as we sow. Miracles Of Recovery.


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