Rejoicing Butterfly

Everything about us is connected, the within and the without. Every word, every action, every thought having significance,from the positive to the negative, touching everything and everyone. Consider still pond. Toss a pebble into the center and concentric rings from the disturbance begin emanating on the surface towards the shores of the pool.Observe carefully and you will see the rings rebound back from the shore at oblique angles, eventually touching even the seemingly obscured nooks and crannies of the pond’s shoreline. This is the observable part of the reaction,but what of that which happens beyond our sight? As our pebble falls through the water it continues to send out waves, reactions, though invisible to our eye but there nonetheless, eventually touching every part of the pond and every creature swimming in it.

The pebble’s effect reverberating through the pond is akin to the effect our thoughts, words and actions have in our lives and the world about us. What we are truly reverberates throughout the world, mostly unseen or consciously noticed, but the effect is there nonetheless. The analogy of “a butterfly flaps its wings in Africa and a drought happens in China” to suggest that the smallest actions can influence major change is illustrative.

Never doubt your importance or connection with the Miraculous. We are all children of the Most High, so regard yourself accordingly, asserting your true place in thought and deed,reaping the positive consequences of a life lived in purpose, a demonstration of Divine Love and understanding, for in so doing, all Heaven rejoices. Miracles Of Recovery.


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