“Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God” (Matthew 5:9). In contemplation some years ago I began thinking on the “enlightened” teachers of the East and elsewhere. Initially I thought of how amazing it would be to be so enlightened, to attain such a level of awareness. Then, out of the stillness a question formed, “why”? It’s amazing how this three-letter word can raise the proverbial metaphysical devil.

“Why” opened the door to a series of meditations on the enlightened ones and the condition of today’s world in general. What has really changed in the last 2,000+ years? Technology, general health and hygiene, transportation, better and more efficient ways of killing one another have all made great strides, but what of the state of Mankind’s overall consciousness and the base, selfish manner much, if not most of world still acts in? Buddha, Jesus and other enlightened teacher’s messages of love, tolerance, how we are all connected in Spirit, of reaping and sowing have been with us, for millennia. However many, if not most, still act and think in much the same way Man always has, except now with smart phones, smart bombs, social media and smart TVs. How many “enlightened” ones have there been and how many students have come to sit at their feet and learn in the last 2000+ years and how has it fundamentally changed the world? An argument can be made that lacking their and their student’s meditations and prayers the world would be worse off than it is today, but I find that sentiment suspect, at best.

So, who are the real peacemakers? Look in the mirror. You would be hard pressed to find a Spiritual Path that doesn’t begin and end with us and our awakening in Spirit. The enlightened teachers have much to offer, but it is the raising of our consciousness by daily Living on the Spiritual Basis that will ultimately transform the world, and what sets this time apart from all that has transpired before is the ready instantaneous connection we have to one another. Being connected, raising our consciousness a day at a time, one person at a time, the world approaches a tipping point when it will metaphysically slap its self on the forehead and say “what were we thinking!” throwing off the childish limitation thinking that has handcuffed our collective growth, finally assuming our true place in Creation and the Universe, all mysteries revealed. So today, together, let us act,and Let there be peace, let there be love and let it begin with me.

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