The Only Fight Worth Having

The Only Fight Worth Having

“We will comprehend the word serenity and we will know peace.” 

Serenity: calm and untroubled: without worry, stress, or disturbance.

Imagine a world where serenity is the norm rather than the exception. A thing worth fighting for, no? Fighting for serenity, now there is a fight worth picking, perhaps the only fight that truly matters and the curious thing is we fight this fight by ceasing to fight everything and everyone, by choosing Love over fear. It begins with each of us and requires the ultimate sacrifice: the surrendering of self and our sacred cows as well as the belief that altering outside conditions, while leaving the inner untouched is anything less than madness. So, we choose, just for today, to Live on the Spiritual Basis, embracing spirituality to the best of our current ability and understanding, for as we begin to comprehend serenity we become the true peacemakers, achieving not only peace of soul for ourselves, but ultimately for all, for we are all truly connected in Divine Mind and serenity is contagious.

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