Unseen Ripples

Unseen Ripples

Dropping a pebble into a still pond creates ripples traveling in all directions, which then rebound off the shore at oblique angles, eventually touching every aspect of the pond’s surface. But what of the unseen ripples? As our pebble slips from sight, falling to the pond’s bed, unseen waves reverberate, eventually touching every aspect and creature in and of the pond.

Living on the Spiritual Basis teaches us that everything and everyone is connected. Every choice, decision and action having significance, from the seemingly mundane to the monumental, and though mostly unseen, the reverberations touch the entire world.

Our consciousness, the I AM, is the “pebble” falling through an eternal, infinite pool, touching all and being touched by all the other “pebbles” making their journey, the pool nothing less than Creation itself, the mind of the Miraculous, this journey unbound by physical limitations or human concepts of time and space.  

From this new awareness we now “see God” in everything and everyone, our true connection in Spirit revealed, saluting the innate spirituality in everyone, regardless of station, circumstances or whether we “like” or agree with them. This raised awareness cleansing us, renewing us as we travel through eternity, grateful, hand in hand with our Father and all our brothers and sisters in Spirit.


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