The Dragon’s Bite

The Dragon’s Bite

Being merciful toward others is always laudable, but what of the mercy we fail to show ourselves? Do you mentally (or worse, out loud) chastise yourself when you make a mistake or when some negative or objectionable thought floats through your mind? Since we all make mistakes (regularly) and curious thoughts float up in everyone’s consciousness (regularly), we must put away the mental cat of nine tails and demonstrate mercy in our own house (consciousness). The Miraculous wants ALL of us to be happy, joyous and free. So we must stop berating ourselves and thank God, that by knowing Him better we can learn from our mistakes and when those curious negative thoughts seem to appear from nowhere we can turn to Him in prayer, ask if there is anything to be learned (sometimes there is, but not always, often a cloudy day is just a cloudy day) and move on. Under no pretense engage in a hunt for the cause of the thought, attempting to root out its location in the psyche is a fool’s errand. To do so only opens us to the deadly trap of morbid reflection and there be dragons. If there is something to be known or learned, God will make it abundantly clear, so ask Him in prayer and meditation; but don’t go looking for dragons, they bite.

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