Secret Resentments

Secret Resentments

Demonstrating mercy toward those suffering is of course a quality to be cultivated. But how merciful are our “secret” thoughts toward others? It is in this secret place the Carpenter is really speaking too with the lesson: Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy (Matthew 7:1-5). To be merciful toward some while holding secret contempt/resentment toward others demonstrates a lack of Spiritual clarity and when we do, we are being of two minds which leads to spiritual instability and congestion, blocking us from ever fully experiencing the Sunlight of the Spirit. To be clear: Having embraced Living on the Spiritual Basis does not mean we ignore the contemptible acts of others, but we must not confuse the act with the actor. 

Spiritually we will all ultimately be held accountable for the acts of our lives, both positive and negative, for Divine sight sees all, knows all, and all eventually reap as they have sown. Whether we are ultimately aware of the scales balancing for someone who has committed contemptible acts is immaterial since Reaping and Sowing is a cosmic law for which there is no appeal (think Law of Gravity) and is always fully enforced. Our job is to loose from our heart and mind all contempt and resentment, for anger, regardless of justification, and serenity cannot exist in the same vessel, one will always cancel out the other. Remember this truth: Every prisoner must have a guard and are they not both in prison?

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